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Thread of the message « Possible bug highlighting php block echo »  
[Subject] Posted 05/21/2006 at 06:59 by rjenkins Down

I've just found HAP edit while looking for a nice, fast loading editor (as a notepad alternative) for working with PHP files.

It looks loke a really nice program, however I have one oddity with some files that use a block echo - i.e. (made up example)

echo <<<EOT
<lines of html stuff>
<h1>Do you accept the site's terms and conditions?</h1>
<more html>

HAPedit nicely recognises the multi-line echo block, but the highlighting stops at the aphostrophe - right through to the end of the file as that's the last apostrophe in it.

Robert Jenkins.
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• [1/1] Posted 01/19/2007 at 19:05 by Daniel Up     
Hi Robert,

Please use simple or double quotes. Other methods are hazardous!

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