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Thread of the message « The first php tag »  
[Subject] Posted 03/10/2006 at 00:35 by dlamarche Down
Hello. Everytime I create a new php document the top php tag is <? as opposed to <?php and my code doesn't seem to display in my browser properly.

When I add it myself it compiles fine though.

I found a 'modeles' folder and changed the 'default.php' file to say <?php but still after exiting the program and reopening it I have the same little problem.

Anyone solved this please.

P.S. I a very new to php and I sometimes forget to type the header myself. I wonder what is the purpose of these Modeles.


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• [1/1] Posted 01/19/2007 at 19:00 by Daniel Up     
Hi dlamarche,

Use "Save as Template" for the modified document and replace "default.php"

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