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Thread of the message « Cool editor but one problem... »  
[Subject] Posted 09/22/2005 at 17:04 by Serpent Dove Down
Hey this is a cool editor, but one problem...

I use TAB characters extensively in my coding. They take up less space on disk than a bunch of spaces. In fact I do this so much, it saves a LOT of space in HTML files. As much as 500-2000 bytes PER FILE.

But this editor replaces them all with spaces!

Based on this behavior, this editor is entirely useless to me. I must use another editor. Sorry. It looked real nice and the syntax highlighting is real cool, but I can't use the editor for the TAB character issue alone.

Serpent Dove
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• [1/1] Posted 12/18/2005 at 17:27 by TheMaTrIxUp     
I'm having the very same anoyance.
I'm a TAB fan too and even replace all spaces and clean up all code of files even when I'm using a 200KB sized Class I downloaded from the internet, before using the functions in that class for anything.

Tabs save space(50-60KB in some of the larger classes I use) and make for much easyer and cleaner code.

Is there really no quick and easy fix to stop HAP from changing tabs to spaces automaticly?

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