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Thread of the message « CR characters don't render correctly »  
[Subject] Posted 09/08/2005 at 14:56 by catalin Down

I really like HAPEdit, but this is the second time it does this to me.
My problem: i have an html file and some lines are very long. So i try to break the line at every tag, to see the tag imbrication better.
Surprise: it doesn't render correctly anymore.
If i delete the line breaks, it displays ok.
As i remember, line-breaks and spaces shouldn't influence in any way the display of a document, they should only matter in the html file.
What could be the problem? What can i do?

Thanks for your answer

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• [1/1] Posted 01/19/2007 at 18:55 by Daniel Up     
Hi Catalin,

I'm not sure that HAPedit is the origin of the trouble, but the navigator.
Have you more information ?

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