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Thread of the message « I tried to go to Armadyl in the beginning »  
[Subject] Posted 03/15/2022 at 04:01 by Alexis002     
My gear: Armadyl Helmet, Chestplate with Chainskirt Royal Crossbow Dragonbane Bolts/Royal Swift Gloves Sixth Age Circuit, Reverence and the Sign of Life/Bc/Imp Warpriest boots Dragonrider Amulet. 92 Ranged. Over the last two to 3 weeks, or maybe, I just can't seem to hit with Range even a bit.

Rapid Fire and other thresholds, specifically, barely hit at all. It is completely sprayed. It happens 90% of the times, no matter if I fight a Waterfiend as well as the queen Black Dragon.

I tried to go to Armadyl in the beginning. I only managed to kill two times before I eventually died. Every hit just continued to splash. It was my turn to Waterfiends to play their Triple Charms, and I received 325 crimes, while Leaf had 800+ in the same amount of time. Sure, he's got the Steel titan along with ascensions, but isn't he getting double the amount of kills I received?

I went to the Queen Black Dragon, and I can't get any more kills. I get to the start of the 3rd stage if I'm lucky. I was at the Black Dragon King Black Dragon, and I could only get a meagre 2 kills per dose Super Antifire. Another issue is Frost Dragons - I used to be able blast them with dragon bane bolts Legacy. Legacy is nerfed, I believe but I've not seen any hits above 400. Likewise, with the KBD, I've hit 800s when I was doing a slayer however, I'm unable to find a way to even scratch the surface.

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