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Thread of the message « Runescape was enormously famous quite a long while back »  
[Subject] Posted 12/11/2021 at 02:41 by nfkjasfas     
As for gold per hour rates listed here, they may differ based on your personal experience due to the fact that prices on Great Exchange are in constant fluctuation, so you should be aware and confirm everything, as some methods may be less profitable in comparison to others, based on the current market conditions. This is particularly true for flipping. Therefore, if any sources tell you that flipping is a good earning strategy, they're not telling you the full truth.

Most of osrs money making methods require the members-only skill (like Slayer) which can be purchased with bonds. To get this done without having to spend real money, we will need to follow a several additional steps. With current price of Bond being around 4kk, non-membership players have to make around 290k gold per day to purchase one and we'll guide you through this. We list gold farming methods suitable for high-level players and those who are new on F2P accounts.

An absolute entry-level method of earning money since there aren't any requirements for cows as they have a low combat skill. Travel to Lumbridge Castle, then go north until you reach Lumbridge Cow Fields and just kill cows , and then collect their hides.

The next step is to make contact with Ellis Tanner at Al Kharid - pay him for tanning the skins he has looted, sell them on Great Exchange, rinse and repeat. In order to make this efficient, you'll need to collect approximately 374 hides per hour, which would net you approximately 60k gold every hour. In this case you'll need to work every day for five hours to earn a bond, so it may not be the most cost-effective way, however, it's an environmentally friendly gold production method.

If you want to know more about Rsorder RS Gold, please visit
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