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Thread of the message « Check out this guide to find out how to co op in FH5 »  
[Subject] Posted 11/20/2021 at 01:43 by rodeoneere     
Forza Horizon 5 brings back the multiplayer that made the previous games great. Check out this guide to find out how to co op in Forza Horizon 5. This way you arenít trying to get into each otherís party when it isnít working.

How to Unlock Co-op in FH5
Before you can start playing co-op, you need to progress a bit in the game. These are a few races (around 5 of them) that need to be completed before the Convoy feature gets unlocked in Forza Horizon 5. Once done, youíll have co-op mode Convoy unlocked.

How To Play Co Op In Forza Horizon 5
The online menu has several sub-sections. Start with a visit to your friendís list and see who is online. You will also see the option to form a convoy.

When online opens up in the pause menu, go to online and you can see friends and players as well as Convoy. If you select Convoy, your friends or players you want can join your game and drive around with you. If a friend has their Convoy open, you can join them.

To invite other players, the convoy leader must select Y on the convoy menu or allow someone else the leadership of the convoy so that he can do so.

One person needs to be a dedicated leader. This can be either you or a friend. Invite the person and they should accept. You are now in a group, but not yet in each otherís world.

The other annoying thing is the Barn Rumors. For some reason they are not synced up, so you might get a different rumor than your friend does even though you did the same thing. It isnít game breaking or anything, but watch out for that.

Convoys first appeared in Forza 3. They are a way to have online, play with friends. They allow you to travel and work as a team. You can take part in free roam races and doing certain tasks in convoy may also get you specific rewards.

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