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Thread of the message « There's a lot to get through »  
[Subject] Posted 03/18/2021 at 01:27 by Smarthuiyuan     

Skillcape Extra Bonuses. Runecrafting: When you trigger your cape to receive 100 runecrafting, you can manage 7 water runes/essence. If you craft combo runes, the success rate is increased to 85 percent. Crafting: Once worn it is possible to input the crafting guild without a brown blouse (if you cannot currently ), and once the cape is activated, you do not have to use moulds to craft things. Smithing: When the skillcape is triggered to get 100 smithing, you'll have a 100% success rate of smelting iron.

Agility: When properly used, your weight will diminish by -3, when the skillcape is activated to get 100 agility, it's diminished to -4. Mining: When worn, the mining rate is increased by 5%, and when the cape is activated, it is increased to 10 percent. OR once the cape is activated, potions are automatically made into 4 doses rather than 3.

Slayer: If the cape is worn, you can speak to slayer pros whenever you desire, and the cape can hold 3 charges. Speak to Duradel (in person) for it recharged. Fletching: Making bows/stringing is made somewhat faster. Hunter: All traps you lay are automatically smoked so your scent is gone. Farming: Plants have higher immunity to diseases (just when the cape is worn, and just the plant that is planted when the cape is worn is resistant to disease).

Structure: All boards made are discounted by 10% (including from the lunar spell). Firemaking. The time a fire lasts is increased by 25% while wearing the cape. I simply thought that some skills had a bonus for all the hard work, and I also believed that a couple of the emotes in which a little chincy.

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