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Thread of the message « Burning Crusade Classic Professions Guide with Jewelcrafting »  
[Subject] Posted 03/17/2021 at 05:37 by whiterabbit     
Before choosing a profession in TBC, you can learn Burning Crusade Classic professions in advance, including new Jewelcrafting profession. Besides, you can also learn what profession is paired well with each TBC profession.

Jewelcrafting: new profession added to Burning Crusade Classic

The big profession change in TBC Classic is to add Jewelcrafting profession. This new profession can allow you to craft rings, trinkets, crowns, necklaces, gems, and healing statues. While choosing the new profession, you will be able to use Prospecting ability to mine raw materials from ore. And please note that Mining is the most common profession matched with Jewelcrafting due to ores.

More Burning Crusade Classic professions offered

Apart from Jewelcrafting profession, there are also other nine professions available for Burning Crusade Classic, including:
1. Alchemy
2. Blacksmithing
3. Enchanting
4. Engineering
5. Herbalism
6. Leatherworking
7. Mining
8. Skinning
9. Tailoring

Best matches for Burning Crusade Classic professions

Choosing a appropriate profession matched with Burning Crusade Classic professions is very important. So you can learn the guide below to see the best matches for each profession in TBC:
1. Alchemy: Herbalism
2. Blacksmithing: Mining
3. Cooking: Fishing
4. Enchanting: Tailoring, Leatherworking or Blacksmithing.
5. Engineering: Mining
6. Fishing: Cooking
7. Jewelcrafting: Mining
8. Leatherworking: Skinning
9. Mining: Engineering, Jewelcrafting, or Blacksmithing.
10. Skinning: Leatherworking
11. Tailoring: Enchanting

Come to see all Burning Crusade Classic professions and learn to pair with TBC professions well with the guide above. What is more, WOWClassicGP site always offers cheap WOW Classic gold and other goods. If you have any need, just place orders here.

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