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Thread of the message « How do I make money with the Runescape - should I buy it? »  
[Subject] Posted 09/24/2020 at 03:36 by whiterabbit     
Everyone remembers the first day they set foot on the Gielinor Plane, or Runescape, as we mere mortals call it. Armed with a wooden sword and shield and a heart full of determination, we began our journey. We roamed the land killing goblins and completing quests, upgrading our wooden sword to a mighty iron sword, our shield was now a kite shield, we even had a helmet and some armor.

Then we met other players wandering around with shiny armor and fierce-looking swords. Jealousy is a powerful thing, we wanted it. So we've come to a place where someone can buy everything ... at the right price, of course. Great exchange. We were determined to buy the same sword with the money we had saved on our missions. We found an NPC who was responsible for getting everything the adventurer asked for and asked him how much the sword cost. He returned the prize, and our hearts ... well, our hearts were broken. It would take several years to kill goblins and complete quests to get this amazing sword.

For those of us who prefer to make OSRS gold the old fashioned way, there are many ways to do that. Here are 2 of the many methods you can use and how much you can earn by following them.


If you are a free player, unfortunately you are somewhat limited to your winning potential. The best available method is cowhide tanning. Here are the steps to follow to get it done.

First, spend the money you saved on bovine hides at the Grand Exchange, leaving at least 1 coin for each bovine hide. Then go to a tannery in Al Kharid. Pay a tanner to tan all the cowhides in your inventory and this will turn them into soft leather. The costs are 1 coin per skin. Eventually you'll run back to the Grand Exchange and sell your skins there for about 25-30 coins more than you paid for each skin.

Although the rate fluctuates, you should be able to earn at least $ 35,000. + One hour when using this method.

Spinning flax

If you're a paid member, one of the easiest ways to make money is by spinning linen. To do this, you need a level of crafting 10 and a minimum of 15,000 gold. If you haven't hit 15K gold yet, I recommend following the cowhide method above.

To make a profit spinning flax buy it from GE and go to the spinning wheel. In my opinion, the best reel is the one in Lumbridge.

Twist the flax in strings and sell them at GE. The price of one flax per GE is usually around 3-5 coins, but one chord costs 80-120 coins, depending on demand.

An hour of work should earn you about 130,000 gold, and you have the added benefit of training your crafting skills.

you will also be able to get the cheapest RS3 gold for sale on In addition, you can always enjoy RS gold from us with high security and fast delivery.
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