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Thread of the message « Blizzard Confirmed, World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Won't Come »  
[Subject] Posted 08/26/2020 at 05:41 by whiterabbit     
Regarding World of Warcraft being rated Xbox Series X, the official Blizzard quickly stood up to refute the rumors and confirmed that this was an error, Blizzard has no plans to bring World of Warcraft to Xbox Series X or other home consoles.

Over the days, the Brazilian ratings board has classified the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Shadowlands for both PC and Xbox Series X, which might mean that the update would appear on the next-gen consoles of Sony. But, Blizzard said "No".

By now, World of Warcraft has only been available on PC and Mac. But this doesn't mean it will never appear on other consoles, which could expand its wide audience and establish a larger player base for Blizzard.

At present, the Blizzard platform Gematsu has updated the entry about World of Warcraft Shadowlands, reflecting that the game is coming only to PC.

Although it has not been confirmed by Blizzard whether World of Warcraft will appear on the consoles in the next updates, it will obviously not happen when Shadowlands is released later this year.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is the latest expansion of the popular MMORPG, it would bring several changes and new additions aside from controller support, such as free character' gender change, 60-level up, but now no one has received an official release date about it.

Anyway, World of Warcraft is a mature and well-received game, until Shadowlands, it has developed to the eighth expansion, and in such a hot MMORPG, the journey of exploring the ways to earn more World of Warcraft Gold has never stopped by the players.

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