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Thread of the message « ory card, pre-installed software, and USB cables. »  
[Subject] Posted 02/20/2019 at 02:53 by tujue     
wants to try different games. It is also possible to use this card for storing some of your favorite music files. If you are not keen on playing games, y will be able to use your gaming console as a music player. You can store hundreds of music and audio files in a 2GB card. It is also the cheapest option available for you.

For serious and hardcore gamers, the old carte R4 package may not be enough for them. They usually need R4 DS cards that have higher data storage capabilities. If you are a serious Nintendo user, the best option available for you is the 16GB package. This card will have the capability to store dozens and dozens of high impact games. You can also store numerous homebrew versions into the card. Most importantly, getting a high capacity card will enable you to transform your DS unit into an all around entertainment console. That is because you can save dozens of movie files and hundreds of music titles in the card. You may also use your card to save images and photos.

The Nintendo DS is one of the best gaming consoles in the market. However, you can still get more value from this gaming unit if it can store more files. You can easily boost the storage capacity of your Nintendo by getting the latest carte R4 package. A complete package includes the cartridge, an SD memory card, pre=
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